About James Dahlman
Our neighborhood's name "Dahlman" was derived from James Dahlman known as Omaha's Cowboy Mayor.  He served as mayor from 1906-1918 and from 1921-1930.  Our neighborhood park at 7th and Pine St. was also named Dahlman Park after him.

James C. Dahlman served seven terms as mayor of Omaha beginning in 1906. Elected to the municipal post at age 49, Mr. Dahlman was a popular figure both locally and nationally during his 21 years in office.

Socially liberal and fiscally conservative, the Texas-born former cattle drover brought a practical and homespun style to Omaha politics. When confronted about his lack of schooling during his first campaign, Mr. Dahlman retorted, “No, I guess I’m not educated. But folks, if you elect me mayor and any ordinance comes up that takes away one red cent unjustly, I’ll just write, ‘Nothin doin’.’ Any sucker that can’t understand that ain’t as well educated as I am.”

During Mayor Dahlman’s reign, the city grew from a town of 132,000 in 1906 to a metropolis with a population of 214,000 in 1930. South Omaha and Dundee in 1915 and Benson and Florence in 1917 were added to the count through annexation. Omaha strengthened its image as a leading grain, dairy and meat packing center and had become home to an increasing number of factories and heavy industry. Mayor Dahlman participated in countless social and philanthropic organizations and entertained hundreds of dignitaries during his time in office.


December 15, 1856 – January 21, 1930