Little Italy 6th Pierce
Omaha Botanial Gardens 6th Cedar
Durham Western Heritage Museum
Sokol Hall 13th Martha
Main Post Office 12th Pacific

Cascios Restaurant 10th Hickory
Echo Coffee Shop  10th Worthington
Ethnic Sandwich Shop  13th & Pine

Olsen's Bake Shop 10th & Hickory
Orsi's Bakery 6th & Pierce

Grace University 9th William
All Saints  10th William

St Frances Cabrini Church 10th William
Dietz United Methodist Church 10th Worthington

New Housing:
Bay View 1236 South 13
Prague Hotel 13th William
St Joeseph Tower 10th Dorcas
Pierce Point 15th & Pierce
Town View  12th & Pierce
Little Italy  7th & Pacific
Giovanni Rows 6th & Pierce
CO2 Apartments  10th & Worthington
​South Hill Townhouses  10th & Williams

Community Mural
Backside of the Koenig Dunne Law office on 
13th & Williams  

Cultural Groups:
Sons of Italy
Santa Lucia Hall
Sokol Omaha

Places Of Interest

Sokol Hall
Dietz United Methodist