About Our Neighborhood:
The Dahlman Neighborhood is located immediately south of the Old Market in downtown Omaha, Nebraska.  Our neighborhood was platted in 1854 and serves as the oldest residential neighborhood in Omaha remaining primarily ethnic in nature.  Neighbors range in age from the very youngest to over 100 years of age.  Many seniors live in their own homes having lived there most of their lives.  Our neighborhood businesses range from one person shops to large industrial complexes.


Our History:
The Dahlman Neighborhood Association was founded in 1972.  Our neighborhood is the oldest in Omaha, and had become a forgotten part of Omaha.  People and businesses were moving out. Schools closed.  Our housing, services, and streets were becoming old and substandard.  The final insult was when the city government chose to locate the city dump in the midst of our neighborhood.  Remaining residents became outraged.  Something had to be done or we would become a neighborhood of the past.  A unified neighborhood voice had to be created as fast as possible.  Volunteers began going door to door and business to business informing people of our neighborhood's plight.  Young professionals were recruited along with seniors with their years of wisdom.  Home owners, renters, business owners, city government workers, and politicians all participated in the development of a set of bylaws for the new neighborhood association.  Neighborhood preservation, revitalization, and closing of the city dump were identified as key concerns of our new organization.
Having been in existence for over 40 years, our neighborhood organization continues to meet challenges over time.  Persistence and dedication has resulted in a successful turn around for our neighborhood becoming a place where people want to live and businesses want to locate.  Neighborhood leaders change but our mission remains the same guided by bylaws that are just as effective as they were back in 1972.  Our organization provides the direction for our neighborhood's future.
Our Vision Statement
Through broad participation of our neighbors, the Dahlman Neighborhood will be a neighborhood united together for pride and progress well into the 21st century.  A safe, healthy, pleasant, and sustainable environment will be provided where each neighbor can develop his or her potential.  Our neighborhood will remain its residential character and be committed to shaping its own future, developing leadership in residents of all ages, and serving the interests, needs, and values of this and future generations.
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Dahlman Neighborhood
Omaha, NE
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